~ Making bodies flow and spirits wander ~

Esoteric Trap ~ Deep Dubstep ~ Leftfield

Atebaki brings to the stage his own creative universe, weaving sounds inspired by flow states and melodies found in dreams.


With an aim to create an immersive experience for the listener, each track unfolds like an origami of emotional states, blooming into Atebaki’s unique fusion of deep low-end, futuristic synths and soulful melodies.


Atebaki’s soundscape is a nectar for the senses, capturing the dance floor inside a bubble, ready to make bodies flow and spirits wander.



Blood Moon (Moonwubs)


Montreal-based producer Atebaki (AKA Julián Macias) was born in Argentina and raised in Canada. He started out as a multidisciplinary artist. Fascinated by the idea of merging multiple art forms, he always sought innovative spaces which brought creativity to new horizons; spaces where performances are integrated as immersive experiences.

He has played at established festivals in the East-Coast, such as Future Forest, Valhalla Sound Circus and ShazamFest.

His major influences outside of electronic music are CocoRosie, Einstürzende Neubauten, Timber Timbre and Massive Attack.

Booking: atebaki.music@gmail.com

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